About Us

Welcome to Onda Güey!

Onda Güey is here to service your personal and business logistical needs. Whether you’re hungry or just in a hurry, we’re on the way for Tucson.

We offer a full range of courier services, including but not limited to: city-wide wholesale and retail distribution, secure and confidential transportation of packages & correspondence, bank deposits, laundromat drop-offs and returns, grocery & pharmacy pick-up, as well as on-demand and scheduled delivery of meals for individuals, groups, and drop-off catering from a growing list of affiliated Tucson restaurants.

Our goal is not only to herald Tucson's favorite locally owned and operated businesses through our Order Platform and E-Store, and provide Tucson's businesses the luxury of delivery at more reasonable rates with greater accountability than is provided by national chain delivery services. We aim to boost Tucson's circular economy.

Orders placed through the national and international chain delivery services often cost your favorite Tucson businesses 30-50% of your total sale. This means that the restaurants you love barely break even on the orders placed through these chains, if any profits are made at all. We don't believe that these absurd standards should get in the way of a mutually benifitial relationship between Tucson's businesses and their delivery customers.

What the rates charged by these chain delivery services also means, is that a quarter to a third of your order totals immediately leave Arizona. With Onda Güey, less than 5%* of your order total leaves Tucson. We promise to keep it that way.
*This figure does not account for any purchased item's production costs.

Our deliveries are exclusively handled by Onda Güey Courier, a vetted collective of Tucson’s most trusted and competent professional couriers, with over 20 years experience delivering throughout Tucson.

Here’s a list of some of the things that we do best:

Are you tired of getting your orders late? Ordering lunch and receiving it after your break? Have you ever received your order only to realize half of your french fries are missing or that there are a few spots on your pizza, where you could swear there had been some pepperonis? We know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of unprofessional delivery, and don’t think you should have to put up with it any longer, and neither do the restaurants we work with.
Our Partnered Restaurants & Retailers are eagerly waiting for your order, and together we follow an orchestrated schedule to see to that as little time is wasted as possible. An Onda Güey Courier will arrive at their pick-up shortly before an agreed upon time with the restaurant you have ordered from, and be on the way to you within minutes.
Non-Partnered Restaurants & Retailers may not always be ready for your order. If we are not able to get you exactly what you want, we will be quick to let you know, and do our best to provide you with alternative options that we know will be available at the time.
*Restaurateurs & Retailers - If you would like to join Tucson’s most accountable and comprehensive delivery network, please contact us at info@ondaguey.com. We look forward to hearing from you.
If you find your business advertised on our platform, and have any questions or concerns, please call us directly at (520)344-5019 or email us at info@ondaguey.com
We have an ever-growing curation of the things you need to make life more convenient. It works just like ordering from any of our restaurants, and just like ordering from any of our restaurants, can be paired in your transaction with orders from of our other restaurants! Need some floss for after you eat the food you just ordered? How about some rolling papers for before the food you just ordered? We’ve got you, we’re on the way.
(Current delivery time average: 33 minutes 42 seconds)
Gone are the days of having to go around the office from person to person taking down their orders! Say “good-bye” to ordering with indecisive friends, without having to say “good-bye” to your indecisive friends! With Onda Güey, it’s refreshingly easy to order how you want, with who you want. Through our Group Ordering feature, you can create an email chain of the people you would like to invite to order with you. You can select any or all of our restaurants to allow your group to order from. You can read it again, but you read that right the first time. You and your group can receive a delivery together, placed on different devices and coming from different restaurants, and all in the same transaction. Beyond that, you have three options to dictate who pays what portion of the bill.
Beyond meals for individuals, some of our restaurants also offer catering menus. Everything from giant platters of salad to big buckets of barbeque. And since you can pair menus in your order, there are few limits to your ordering possibilities. Want 20 sandwiches from that place, a platter of wings from this place, and 4 pizzas from that one too? You got it, we’re on the way. Head over to our Catering section and get your order started.
In charge of office ordering? You’re probably already relieved by our Group Ordering feature. We want to make our mutual experience as hassle free as possible. We know there are many of things that can become problematic with delivery, especially when placing orders for staff or faculty. One problem we used to encounter was lack of availability from accounts payable personnel. This does not need to hinder you from furnishing your office with individual and group orders. Simply set up a corporate account here, and we can invoice your office at the end of each billing cycle, which will be determined by the expected frequency and volume of your orders.
Our roots are in more traditional Courier offerings. We provide secure and confidential transportation services for just about anything that can be broken down into units, each 50 pounds maximum. Anything from single envelopes to many banker’s boxes and in between. If it’s being shipped within city limits, we’ll have a better price and expediency of service for you than is offered by any of our competitors.
We combine our Courier offerings with those of The Downtown UPS Store, to get you the quickest global shipments with the least amount of hassle and stress.
We specialize in local distribution of wholesale goods, such as roaster-to-cafe coffee delivery, paper goods from the print shop to your business or from your business to the public, and CSA delivery. We can schedule to your business’ demands, with monthly, weekly, or even multiple times a day pick-up offerings. We’re on the way whenever you need us.
*If you would like to know more about how we can help you move your goods around Tucson, click here to submit your form, and we’ll be quick to respond. We look forward to working with you.
  • We do not service the business or the consumer, one over the other. We service Tucson.
  • We do not float payment for customers placing orders through Courier Request. All goods transported through a Courier Request must be paid for in full, no payments will be made by an Onda Güey Courier on behalf of any customer. 
  • We do not call businesses pretending to be customers.
  • We do not offer delivery from businesses without their approval. If you have made a Courier Request or placed an order through a Non-Partnered Restaurant or Retailer, and the business you would like us to pick up from refuses your order, then we must politely do so as well.
  • If the place you would like delivery from already offers in-house delivery options, we encourage you to make use of them. If you are unsatisfied by your favorite place’s delivery offerings, tell us what you like about the place and why it’s not working out, and perhaps we can provide you with a solution through one of our currently affiliated businesses.